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Mystery shopper

Mystery shopper research is a research based on surveys conducted by an anonymous client and it is not identified by service providers.

Analyze your marketing efforts

Mystery shopper research is a fairly large and long-term study. It is determined by our agreement with the management and lasts until agreement expiration.

We carry out mystery shopper research in two directions.

  • In-house research
  • Competitors research

During in-house research, by noticing problems faster than customers we develop instructional plans to eliminate them. We research all areas of the company to identify each of these problems. The results we achieve will allow you to increase customer satisfaction, improve services and products, as well as identify the training needed for employees to work more effectively. Comprehensive observations made by our professional team will help your company grow.

When researching competitors, resulting analysis allows you to be aware of the market and adapt accordingly.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company with us!

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