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Events organization

Alpha Omega has extensive experience in organizing events of various scales with the participation of renowned experts and prominent guests. We are always ready to take your corporate event from idea to delivery, while paying special attention to your guests!

Analyze your marketing efforts

A careful approach to the organization of events and the right plan allow to implement the event flawlessly.

Especially in modern era, now that events are carried out not only offline, but also online. The structured and high-quality organization of online events requires special technical knowledge.

As Alpha-Omega, we have organized "Nabat Talks" online eight times. During these events, we considered all the technical details: simultaneous translation, participants registration, interactive platform use.

At the same time, we organized a week-long camp together with Landau School. The camp was highly planned to ensure the comfort and safety of the students.

We carefully follow the whole process to ensure the correct PR of each event - from decoration of the venue to the step-by-step follow-up of the program regulations, in short, flawless organizing from A to Z.

We treat each of your events as our own!

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