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Educational projects

Our team finds the implementation of educational projects very interesting, as each member is a professional in the field of education. We have a special approach to every project and carry out quality organization. At the same time, we advertise educational projects to the general public.

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Our education services:

  • Conferences
  • Camps
  • Olympiads
  • Trainings and master classes
  • Outdoor games


Conferences organized by various universities, companies and institutions are welcomed by target audiences of different age groups. Large-scale, well-organized conferences are especially valuable for people who love to enjoy learning.

In today's world, online conferences are especially popular.

Flawless implementation of the entire process from A to Z, useful and high-quality work requires a skillful team, regardless of the scale and format

We ensure that all the aspects affecting the target audience - the selection of speakers, negotiations with them, as well as proper media coverage of the conference, site selection and preparation for the event, ticket sales, conference regulations, event management and other technical aspects – are implemented with perfection.

The conference can be organized in both face-to-face and online formats.


One of the most effective ways to increase interest in education is to establish a proper and fair motivation system. Different competitions and Olympiads in schools will allow students to assess their knowledge and create a desire to learn more deeply.

Systematic and high-quality organization of the Olympiads will increase students and parent belief in transparency, as well as create a correct image of the school.

We take upon ourselves all stages of the organization of the Olympiads and ensure proper communication with public.

Organizational work usually includes all stages, from the announcement of the Olympiad, to the preparation of questions, ensuring the participation of students, the examination process, the announcement of the results and the awarding process.


Our camps allow students to make career choices, try themselves in various professions, discover their potential, make new friends and take confident steps into the future.

We provide participants with the opportunity to master the most advanced skills such as IT, English, communication and others.

Who are the camps for?

  • 4-10 grade students
  • Teenagers who want to try themselves in various professions
  • Teenagers who want to learn the specific field from the inside
  • Students who want to make summer, autumn, spring and winter holidays memorable
  • Children who want to make new friends
  • Parents who want their children to spend their time effectively

Less theory, more practice!

The new generation is characterized by having the abundance of information and developing not only with knowledge, but also with skills. This is why it is necessary to have practical training while acquiring the information.

For this reason, our camps consist of 85% practice and only 15% theory.

Master classes

Chemistry: This may be one of the best choices for students in your school. It is always interesting to work with different substances in laboratories and play the role of a scientist-chemist for students who want to continue to this profession.

Agriculture: The agro-industry is developing rapidly in our country, but teenagers are still not interested enough in it. With agricultural master classes, you can give your students the opportunity to see the fruits of their crops and guide them to promising careers.

Photo: This field looks pretty attractive to a modern student. Seeing the beauties of the world through a camera lens requires special skills. So in the photo master class, your students can try themselves as photographers.

Yoga: Not only child`s education but also his moral happiness is very important to every parent. Yoga is a great way for students to get their thoughts in order and get to know themselves. It will allow students to achieve better results in education by positively tuning their mood.

Outdoor games!

Outdoor games are very useful for teenage development. During these games, participants develop teamwork, strategic thinking and analytical skills.The games are:

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Pétanque

Along with introduction to the general public, you will also gain a new experience and form a positive image!

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