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Do you have a good marketing strategy for your brand?

Bazar araşdırması - məhsulunuzun və ya xidmətinizin müştərilər tərəfindən nə qədər tələbatlı və uğurlu olacağını və ya olduğunu müəyyənləşdirmək üçün müştəri profilləri, hədəf auditoriyası, şirkət, rəqiblər, bazarvə xarici mühit haqqında aparılan araşdırmadır.

Do you know how clients perceive your company?
Are your customers aware of all of the features, products, and services that you offer?
Do you think your customers would recommend your products to their friends?
Do your customers prefer your products over competitors?
Are you improving compared to the competition?
Do you exactly know what types of support requests or complaints are coming from your customers?
Do your online sales prevail offline sales?
Is all your communication well targeted on your consumer personas?
Do you speak like your audience speaks?
Do you know what phrases or design elements catch users’ eyes on your commercials?
Do your potential clients find you through search engines?
Does your landing page lead to desired number of conversions?
Do your social media pages have high engagement rates?
Does your brand come up to the customer’s mind among top other brands?
Is the number of your new customers make 2/3 of your returning customers?


Congratulations! You have designed your marketing activities very well! Keep up with the trends and continue raising your brand awareness and you will stay on top of the competitors. If you need some help in this job – we’d love to assist you!
You need to conduct a thorough research on your customers, competitors, communication and costs. The more knowledgeable you are about this components, the more chance for success you have. Research & Analytics are the foundation of any marketing activities so make sure you have relevant data before starting new campaigns. Feel free to address Alpha Omega for Market, Product, Brand recognition, Customer satisfaction and Mystery shopper researches.
You have reached your ceiling in customer acquisition and sales. In order to expand market share, you need to explore new marketing channels and increase your brand awareness. We are ready to furnish your website, plug SEO and Google Ads, set up your digital channels and increase your conversion to sales.
You have a good product and you think customers should buy from you simply because of this. Unfortunately, you don’t have sufficient human resources to provide a customer the best possible service. As a result, you’re loosing your connection with a customer which might have a sad end for your company. Alpha Omega will help you build a strong bond with your customers; elaborate communication, increase engagement and improve competitiveness of your products.